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Topic "City transport"

Availability of transport services in the regions of Russia: statistical modelling

May 2020 (299) City transport O.V.  Sizova 

Stages of an effective road system formation of the urban public transport in the city of Dzerzhinsk

May 2020 (299) City transport M.R. Yakimov 

Some issues of assessing the quality of public passenger transport in Ryazan

April 2020 (298) City transport A.S. Terentyev  I.N.  Kiryushin  K.P. Andreev  N.V.  Anikin  V.V. Terentiev 

Using intelligent systems to improve road safety

March 2020 (297) City transport A.Y. Svistunova  E.V. Ionov  G.E. Pyshnay 

Acceleration of public transport in the city of Tyumen along the dedicated lanes at T-junctions

March 2020 (297) City transport A.A. Pobedinsky  A.A. Zubova 

Improvement of traffic on the example of the street and road network of the city of Rostov-on-Don

December 2019 (294) City transport D.N.  Sorokina  V.P.  Kolganov  Yu.V.  Marchenko 

Comparative analysis of the taxi market in the cities with a million-plus population in Russia

December 2019 (294) City transport M.K. Obushcharova  M.V.  Tverdokhlebova 

Monitoring of traffic flows through anonymized detection of devices broadcasting a Bluetooth signal

October 2019 (292) City transport A.A. Kuraksin  A.V. Shemyakin 

Types of motor transport parking in major cities and their features

August 2019 (290) City transport E.N. Busarin  R.A. Korablev  R.A. Spodarev  V.P. Belokurov 

The Development of the Software “The monitoring of air pollution by vehicles”

July 2019 (289) City transport E.A.  Maklakova  E.V. Tarasova  G.A. Denisov  N.S.  Popova  V.A. Zelikov 

Methodology for quality assessment of motor transport services

June 2019 (288) City transport A.B.  Martynushkin  K.P. Andreev  N.A. Konycheva  V.V. Terentiev 

Safety assessment of transport units by means of computer simulation

January 2019 (283) City transport A.A.  Kildishev  A.V. Shemyakin  K.P. Andreev  V.V. Terentiev 

K.P. Andreev, E.S. Derr, I.N. Gorjachkina, V.V. Terentyev, D.S. Ryabchikov, A.V. Shemyakin Modeling for optimization of urban passenger transport in the Macroscopic model

December 2018 (282) City transport A.V. Shemyakin  D. S.  Ryabchikov  E.S. Derr  I.N.   Gorjachkina  K.P. Andreev  V.V. Terentiev 

Elements of intelligent transport systems in the functioning of the transport and road complex of small cities

October 2018 (280) City transport A.Z.  Udzhuchu  G.A.  Guк  I.B.  Akhunova, 

The optimal location of the data processing center for integrated parking area monitoring

September 2018 (279) City transport E.V.  Bunova  S.S. Sukhinin  V.V. Kosterin 

Moscow subway client-oriented development in comparison with the transport systems of the world largest megalopolises

June 2018 (276) City transport A.V. Rubas 

Consideration of dependability of the urban electric transport infrastructure when estimating traffic capacity (path 2)

June 2018 (276) City transport A.E.  Aukhadeev  R.S. Litvinenko 

Consideration of dependability of the urban electric transport infrastructure when estimating traffic capacity (path 1)

May 2018 (275) City transport A.E.  Aukhadeev  R.S. Litvinenko 

The Field Survey using mobile road laboratory

April 2018 (274) City transport A.V. Shemyakin  K.P. Andreev  V.V. Terentiev 

Conservative approach to urban transport planning

March 2018 (273) City transport N.V. Kharitoshkin 

Assessment of potential losses of the city budget from activity of aggregators of information services in the field of taxi transportation

November 2017 (269) City transport N.Yu. Zalukaeva  S.A.  Anokhin  V.A.  Gavrikov 

Interviewing passengers to determine the tariff rate for bus transportation

November 2017 (269) City transport G.P.  Bykova  O.G.  Koptelov 

About the expediency of construction in the cities of “PARK-AND-RIDE” Parking

July 2017 (265) City transport E.Yu. Guketlev  R.A. Spodarev  S.V. Pustovalov  V.P. Belokurov 

Introduction in the Field of Passenger Transport Navigation systems monitoring

June 2017 (264) City transport K.P. Andreev  V.V. Terentiev 

Graph-analytical method for the formation of an effective urban passenger transport management system

June 2017 (264) City transport E.Yu. Guketlev  V.P. Belokurov 

Organization of vehicle traffic on the road network of large cities considering the relief of their central regions

march 2017 (261) City transport R.A. Spodarev  S.V. Belokurov  S.V. Pustovalov  V.P. Belokurov 

The impact of the style of driving on a sustainable development of transport

march 2017 (261) City transport I.S. Garmonnikov  L.I. Rogavichene 

The problems and the prospects of organization of the passenger transport in the city of Vladimir and Vladimir region

February 2017 (260) City transport A.A. Smirnov  R.V. Nuzhdin 

Research of peculiarities and conditions of realization, concerning contactless systems of payment in the city land passenger transport

December 2016 (258) City transport A.S.  Lebedeva  E.V. Budrina  L.I. Rogavichene 

Methodological foundations of optimization of the rout schemes in the urban passenger transport

October 2016 (256) City transport A. Y. Melnikova 

The research of innovative technologies of public transport payment

October 2016 (256) City transport A.S.  Lebedeva  E.V. Budrina  L.I. Rogavichene 

Analysis of the efficiency of transport system of the central part of Ryazan, based on the mesoscopic modeling of traffic flows

August 2016 (254) City transport A.A. Kuraksin  A.V. Shemyakin 

Management of organization of the passenger transport and its features

May 2016 (251) City transport A.Yu. Artemov  E.N. Busarin  S.V. Pustovalov  V.P. Belokurov 

Concerning the technology of the mesoscopic model construction of the transport system in the large cities

May 2016 (251) City transport A.A. Kuraksin  A.V. Shemyakin 

Potential of redistribution of passenger flows between the city and suburban railway transit hubs in Moscow

February 2016 (248) City transport I.G. Shafranov  K.Yu. Trofimenko  P.V. Zuzin 

The role of the high-speed urban transport in the development of the modern agglomerations

November 2015 (245) City transport M.V. Fedorova 

Improvement of the system of passenger traffic in the post-peak periods of passenger traffic

July 2015 (241) City transport A.Yu. Artemov  D.V. Likhachev  O.N. Cherkasov  V.P. Belokurov 

The problem issues of territorial organization of transport and provision of ic mobility at regional and subregional levels (ending)

May 2015 (239) City transport E.B. Bednyakova 

The problem issues of territorial organization of transport and provision of public mobility at regional and subregional levels

March 2015 (237) City transport E.B. Bednyakova 

Cyclists traffic management on roundabout

December 2013 (222) City transport A.O. Belikova  N.V. Kharitoshkin  V.V. Nordin 

The development of technical solutions for the implementation of the principle of non-stop movement of vehicles on highways (no traffic jams).

December 2013 (222) City transport Yu.F. Makarov  Yu.M. Nizovtsev 

On development of a regulatory model of motor transport and transportlogistics services megalopolis market activity (Moscow as example)

July 2013 (217) City transport A.D. Khmelnitskij 

The issues of financial, legal and organizational management security of passenger transportation in the area of "city-suburb"

July 2012 (205) City transport E.B. Bednyakova 

Development and analysis of a simulation model of the megalopolis transport system

July 2011 (193) City transport M.I. Rozhkov 

Strategies of reducing losses on the urban passenger transport

September 2010 (183) City transport E.B. Bednyakova  V.A. Persianov 

Пути выхода из тупика между автомобилизацией и улично-дорожным строительством в Москве и в других крупнейших городах России

December 2007 (150) City transport G.A. Golts 

Исследование параметров маршрутных систем городского электрического транспорта статистическими методами

July 2007 (145) City transport A.R. Bakirov 

Методы оптимизации управления силовым приводом подвижного состава городского электрического транспорта

June 2007 (144) City transport A.R. Bakirov 

Развитие городского транспорта за рубежом

June 2006 (132) City transport V.I. Tiverovskij 

Транспорт больших городов: стратегические ориентиры и приоритеты

June 2006 (132) City transport V.A. Persianov 

Реальные перспективы монорельсовых дорог. Новая транспортная магистраль столицы.

January 2005 (115) City transport E.A. Kozhin 

Городской транспорт и его развитие за рубежом (окончание)

July 2004 (109) City transport V.I. Tiverovskij 

Городской транспорт и его развитие за рубежом

June 2004 (108) City transport V.I. Tiverovskij 
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